On February 18, the TEDXWOMEN conference will be held in Russia, dedicated to female power, which helps us to be creators and initiators of change. The event will be held in the online format and will be available to spectators around the world without registration and payment on the project website.

Tedxwomen – a conference on how women create the future, making their creative contribution to global changes. The main topic of the conference is fearless. Women who were not afraid to take a step in the new one, despite fears and doubts, will tell about him.

TEDXWOMEN is inspiring stories about courage to make a choice, about the courage to go to the unknown and believe in the best outcome, about overcoming and victory, about the power of the woman and


the motivation that you can and should be sought to move forward, towards your dream.

This year, at the TEDXWOMEN conference, 13 speakers will perform that will inspire listeners to change peace for the better: designer Alina German;director Irina Chesnokova;HR vice president and Biocad corporate marketing Alexander Glazkov;Producer and showranner of art and documentary series Irina Sosnovaya;Mom Ida Galich Zarina Galich;operating director at Legionfarm Stasya Galgashov;TEDXDVORTSOVAYASQUARE, TEDXSAINTPETERSBURG, TEDXEKENSKYGARDEN Katya Pudanova;The leader of the global diversity program Women in Green Sasha Gorbatenko;co-founder and executive director of the Re-STATE Foundation Anastasia Kalinina;Marketing Director in Safmar Plaza Julia Maksimovich;restaurateur, creator of the cafe “Dreamers” Lyudmila Ivanova;Anastasia Tereshchevskaya;The ideologist and founder of the innovative Prevent Age resort “First Line. Health Care Resort »Maria Grandia.

Each performance will last no more than 5 minutes, but will become a full immersion in the personal story of the speaker on the topic “Fearlessness”. The audience will have the opportunity not only to learn about the path of the heroine, but also to go along with her, finding the most important support in overcoming fears – power within himself and the charm of the surrounding life.

The conference broadcast will be held on February 18, 2021 at 19:00 in the online format on the project website, as well as in the community of the official partner VKontakte.

And for those who cannot join, the video will be published and available for viewing on the site and on the TED channel on YouTube. Registration for a broadcast is not required.

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