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Magazine, with a fixed title, with a view to the period, volume, number, or year, a month for the order, regular or irregular continuous publication of printed reading materials. It is also known as a periodical when the works of a large number of authors are brought together in a single volume and published regularly according to certain editorial guidelines.

The formation of “magazines” originated from propaganda pamphlets during strikes, strikes, or wars. These pamphlets, which were similar to time-sensitive newspapers, took into account more detailed commentaries and a new type of media was created for this particular reason.

Magazines have been integrated into modern life for a long time now, and people are not limited to buying them through physical stores such as newsstands. On websites such as Dangdang.com, Taobao.com, and Magazine Shop, it is possible to order an issue or a year’s worth of magazines, eliminating the need for intermediate purchases.

Magazines are mailed to subscribers on time, saving time and effort, and there are many additional benefits, these advantages determine that magazine subscription to e-commerce is a trend.


In the beginning, magazines and newspapers were more or less the same in form and were easily confused. Later, newspapers gradually tended to publish time-sensitive news, while magazines specialized in novels, travelogues, and entertainment articles, and the distinction in content became more and more obvious.

In form, newspapers grew larger, three to five feet in size, folded in half, while magazines were bound, with covers, and took the form of books. Only thereafter did magazines and newspapers become concretely separated in people’s perceptions.

Introduction of Flipsnack

Flipsnack is an application that covers almost every e-magazine issue in the world. These e-magazine issues are carefully crafted by publishers from all over the world. There is always a magazine issue that you like.

Early electronic magazines were a catch-all term. The earliest appeared in the United States in 1993, and refers to all kinds of use of e-mail’s powerful communication function, regularly providing subscribers with the information content of the online new media, generally free of charge subscription, the most common of which is the so-called “mailing list”.


The most common is the so-called “mailing list”. Compared with marketing mail, it has a clearer periodicity, stronger targeting, and serviceability. The so-called e-zines are not web journals in the form of thematic links to websites. Rather, it is an emerging e-zine composed of Flash, video, audio, and text, and is characterized by multimedia and interactivity.

Features of Flipsnack

A variety of magazines

Flipsnack has a wide variety of magazines of various genres such as beauty, art, business, health, celebrities, travel, food, and many more that you can find in Flipsnack for all kinds of life.

If you are particularly interested in one of the categories of magazines, you can follow its account and if it releases a new magazine, Flipsnack will notify you first. Users don’t have to worry at all about missing every magazine issue.

Create your beautiful magazine

In Flipsnack, users can create their flipbooks, which may not be as professional as they should be but are made by the users themselves according to their own aesthetics or unique hobbies, and it exists for a very good reason.


share information and ideas

In Flipsnack, the user can follow other users and also get followed by other users. In this way, users can find some like-minded friends to discuss their favorite magazine issues with.

Download the Flipsnack App now!

This app covers a wide range of magazines with high quality, so if you are a big fan of reading magazines, then don’t miss this app. Download it now!

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