ibis Paint X
ibis Paint X
  • Version V11.2.1
  • Mod Features Prime Unlocked
  • Size 65MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Painting, in technical terms, is the practice of adding color to a surface, either paper or cloth, using a brush, a brush, a sponge, or a strip of cloth, as a support, or using software.

At the level of artistic terminology, the meaning of painting also encompasses the use of this artistic act coupled with graphic, compositional, and other aesthetic methods to achieve the concepts and meanings that the artist wishes to express.

It is generally believed that Oriental painting, developed from ancient civilizations such as ancient Egypt and China, and European-centered Western painting, developed from ancient Greece and Rome, are the two major painting systems in the world. These two painting systems have influenced each other throughout history and have made their own unique and important contributions to human civilization.

The plasticity of painting itself determines that it has a great degree of freedom of creation. It can express both the real spatial world and the imaginative world beyond time and space, and painters can express all kinds of unique emotions and understandings of life and ideals through painting.

Because painting is a visual static art, it is the most acceptable and favorite art for people to appreciate, play, and experience the aesthetic form and content of the painting for a long time.

ibis Paint X

The establishment of a holistic consciousness is a very important factor in the field of painting and has a great impact on the future development of students’ painting. No matter what kind of painting one is engaged in, this issue has to be involved. The whole is relative to the local, the local is part of the whole, the local exists in the whole, and the whole is reflected through the local.

For beginners, on the one hand, it is to strengthen the understanding of the overall consciousness, on the other hand, it is to pay attention to the overall relationship in observation and expression, and overcome the bad habit of limiting attention to a certain point.

Introduction of ibis Paint X

ibis Paint X is an excellent painting application that provides users with a wide variety of painting tools to help them portray great paintings even on mobile devices such as cell phones.

As we know, in real life, there are a lot of different kinds of paintings, so the painting tools are also very complicated and numerous. In ibis Paint X, users are provided with tools for various types of paintings. Users don’t have to worry about not having all the tools, they can find almost all the tools they need to paint in ibis Paint X.

ibis Paint X

Features of ibis Paint X

Customize drawing size

In ibis Paint X, the user can customize the size of the drawing, that is, the size of the drawing. Whether it’s a cell phone-sized one, a normal A4 size, or a huge drawing, it can be adjusted with the resize feature in the app.

Variety of drawing tools

Painting tools are very important in the daily process of painting, it is a key part in determining the quality of the painting. The brushes used for painting determine the atmosphere of the whole painting, just like professional things need to be done by professionals. This way the final result you get will be the best.

ibis Paint X provides users with different brushes and users can find almost all the brush tools needed for painting. In addition to this, ibis Paint X also offers different filters to make the user’s painting more refined.

No ads to bother you

ibis Paint X turns on the ad-free mode for the user and the user is guaranteed not to be harassed by any ads while using the app.

ibis Paint X

Download the ibis Paint X App now!

The application is rich and powerful, there are other drawing tools and features waiting for the user to discover, hurry to download, and experience!

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