Lucky Patcher
Lucky Patcher
  • Version V11.1.6
  • Mod Features Official by ChelpuS
  • Size 12MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Patch refers to large software systems (such as the Microsoft operating system) in the use of the process of exposure of the problem (generally found by hackers or virus designers) and released to solve the problem of small programs.

Just like the clothes are rotten to be patched, people writing programs can not be perfect, so the software will inevitably appear BUG, and patches are specifically to repair these BUG to do because the original release of the software defects, found after the preparation of another small program to make it perfect, this small program is commonly known as patches.

Various software vulnerabilities have become one of the main causes of large-scale network and information security incidents and major information leakage incidents. In response to the harm caused by computer vulnerabilities, the installation of appropriate patches is the most effective and economical preventive measure.

For the large number of host nodes and increasingly complex applications on the Internet, it is difficult to ensure that patches are installed promptly, and patch implementation is a demand-side to the publisher to download the patch program and install the process, rather than the publisher to take the initiative for the demand-side to provide patches and targeted deployment, so the implementation of patches is more reliant on non-professional demand-side.

Lucky Patcher

For a large network with a large number of hosts and a wide variety of applications, the failure to track patch updates promptly and the failure to implement effective deployment will greatly threaten network and information security, resulting in irreparable losses.

The most direct and effective way to solve the vulnerability problem is to patch, but patching is a relatively passive way for enterprises to collect, test, backup, distribute and other related patching processes is still a rather cumbersome process, and even the patch itself may become a new vulnerability.

Introduction of Lucky Patcher

Solving the confusion of patch management requires, firstly, the establishment of an automated patch knowledge base covering the entire network. The second is to deploy a distribution system to improve the efficiency of patch distribution.

Not only the patch management program, but the whole vulnerability management system also needs to be integrated with other security systems such as enterprise anti-intrusion systems and anti-virus systems to construct a complete risk management line of defense.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a patch application. But it’s not quite the same as the patches mentioned above, it serves to give the user a better experience. Whether it’s an app or a game, Lucky Patcher can be used as a small patch for them. It can bring users more advanced gaming gear or free app upgrades.

Features of Lucky Patcher

Block nuisance ads from apps

One of the best features of Lucky Patcher is that it can block all the nuisance ads for users, whether it’s an application or a game, users must have experienced being interrupted by ads in the middle of the game. With Lucky Patcher, you will never have to worry about ads again.

Get the game’s premium equipment for free

As mentioned above, Lucky Patcher allows users to get more advanced gaming equipment such as unlimited game coins, gems for hacking the game, and more.

In addition to that, Lucky Patcher also allows the user to get free access to advanced application features that need to be purchased.

Lucky Patcher

Edit Application Functions

The application makes it easy to modify the permissions of some of these apps and is also able to move them to the SD card. It’s also worth mentioning that Lucky Patcher can also edit apps downloaded from the app store as in-system apps.

Download the Lucky Patcher App now!

The application is feature-rich and powerful, so hurry up and download it!

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