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A style developed by people to imitate or consciously recreate a historical lifestyle, trend, or art form, retro style is very common in music and fashion. Generally speaking, though vintage style imitates mostly products, fashions, and art styles that have been created since the recent industrial revolution.

Retro Camera can make any of your photos into a retro masterpiece with a magical artistic touch. It supports reading photos from albums, and you can also take photos directly for processing with good results.

To get the effect of vintage photos, you need to do some preparation work. The effect of the preparatory work on the photo can not be ignored, such as the choice of scene, the model’s make-up and hair, matching clothes, and so on.

For example, a photo was taken in a bed and breakfast, the decoration style is relatively retro, the model’s makeup is clean, the color is warm, and the clothing is a monochrome halter dress. These preparations paved the way for the shooting and the mixing of the photos.

Whether it’s architecture, decoration, dressing, makeup, etc., all aspects possess their unique vintage styles, and these vintage styles look both elegant and special in people’s daily lives. Therefore, many people also like to choose vintage styles for their photo shoots.


Introduction of OldRoll

OldRoll is a camera app that provides users with vintage-style shots. Just like its name, OldRoll is a camera that is specifically built for vintage style. And, there is no need for users to reprocess their photos with other photo editing apps after the shoot.

OldRoll has a camera with various vintage filter effects directly at the time of shooting, just press the shutter to take a photo, and you’ll get a vintage-inspired photo instantly.

Features of OldRoll

Cameras with their filters

OldRoll is the camera that produces vintage-inspired photos in one click, without the processing of other photo editing applications, and guarantees that the vintage-inspired effect that the user wants is perfect.

But as we know, whatever it is, it can be divided into many categories. Well, vintage is no exception, and although it is uniformly called vintage, it can still be divided into different atmospheric distinctions.


The number of vintage filters available in this app can be countless, and users can find almost all applicable vintage filters. These include vintage filters for food, fisheye filters, half-frame filters, etc. All types of vintage filters are available in OldRoll. All types of retro filters can be found in this app.

So, that’s why the app is a bit bigger than the usual size of camera apps, because of the richness of features and content included in it.

Customized Add Text

In OldRoll, users can also customize the text they add to add watermarks to their photos. These watermarks can be the time and date when the photo was taken or the atmosphere of the text that the user wants to present in the photo.

In addition, OldRoll also supports users to edit the effect of the text, font, size border, etc., which can make the text closer to the style of the photo and more harmonious.

Collage templates for multiple photos

OldRoll also provides users with a photo stitching feature to stitch multiple photos into one whole photo with movie or film filters, which can make the vintage vibe of the user’s photos more professional.


The app provides users with several photo stitching templates, and users can choose from templates according to their preferences.

Download the OldRoll App now!

The application is so rich and powerful that one application can be used as two applications, which is convenient. Download it now and give it a try!

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