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Simply put, it is compressed by the compression software compressed file called compressed file, the principle of compression is to file the binary code compression, the neighboring 0,1 code to reduce, for example, there are 000000, you can turn it into 6 0’s written 60, to reduce the file space.

The basic principle of file compression is to find duplicate bytes within the file and establish a dictionary file of the same bytes, and with a code so that you can achieve the purpose of reducing the file.

All computer files are ultimate “1” and “0” forms of storage, and blue like a point, as long as through a reasonable mathematical formula, the volume of the file can be greatly compressed to reach the effect of “lossless data thickening”.

In general, compression can be divided into lossy and lossless compression. If the loss of individual data will not cause too much impact, it is a good idea to ignore them, this is lossy compression.

Compression software is naturally the use of the compression principle of compression of data tools, compression of the resulting file is called a compressed package, the volume of the original only a fraction or even smaller. Of course, the compressed package is already another file format, if you want to use the data in it, you first have to use the compression software to restore the data, this process is called decompression.


If you have downloaded many programs and files from the Internet, you may have come across many ZIP files. This compression mechanism is a handy invention, especially for Internet users, as it reduces the total number of bits and bytes in a file, allowing for faster transmission over slower Internet connections, in addition to reducing the amount of disk space the file takes up.

Introduction of RAR

RAR is an application that helps users to compress files quickly and in everyone’s cell phone, there are perhaps a few files of larger sizes. These files take up the memory in the phone and reduce the memory space of the phone again.

So, everyone needs a compression application like RAR that helps the user to compress these large-sized files in a small folder helps the user to have more memory space.

Features of RAR

Backup Tools

RAR not only helps users compress files, but it also helps them to back up the files in their phone, which is one of its best features. The application will backup one document to another and users will never have to worry about losing their important files again.


We may often encounter this kind of problem, when the files are not yet saved, because of some accidents, for example, the phone is out of power suddenly shuts down in such a situation, and the files are very unfortunately lost this backup function can be a perfect solution to this problem.

Ensure user data security

When using this application, you don’t have to worry about the leakage of your files, RAR will use the most professional means to keep your files safe and secure. If you are still not sure, you can set multiple passwords for your cell phone to protect your files.

Better document management

The RAR will help users to better manage their files, importing the required compressed files in formats that can be diverse, such as the built-in compressors BZIP2, LZMA, PPMd, and XZ to decompress ZIP and ZIPX files.

In addition, the RAR can recover accidentally lost files or encrypted files, and, of course, the most basic, rename files, among others.


Download the RAR App now!

The application is feature-rich and powerful, so download it and try it out!

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