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Socializing, i.e. social interaction. The software that is used for this purpose through the internet is social. Broadly speaking, cell phones, landlines, and other communication devices also fall into the category of social software, i.e., everything that can talk to people is called social software.

In the era of rapid technological development, public opinion on social software is also different. One side believes that social software has brought people in society closer to each other and made the world a unified whole.

On the other hand, the other side insists that the emergence of social software is also accompanied by the emergence of evil forces, hackers are often seen, as well as pornographic photo incidents and so on.

Objectively speaking, the software itself is not right or wrong, its nature is a tool, that mainly lies in how we use it and, the appropriate time to use it, it will be a regulator of life, if over-reliance, indulge in it, it is the corrosive agent of life.


The so-called social media should be a large number of netizens who spontaneously contribute, extract, create news and information, and then spread the process. There are two points to emphasize, a large number of people, and a spontaneous dissemination, if there is a lack of any of these two factors will not constitute the scope of social media.

Introduction of TamTam

TamTam is a social platform application that helps people facilitate communication. In TamTam, people can start a chat anytime, anywhere. And, in the process, the application keeps the user’s data safe and does not reveal any of the user’s identity.

Today, not only do many authorities exist in the field of social media, but also many startups, specialized books, and social media companies. In many businesses, it is common to hire social media strategists and community managers and to develop appropriate outreach programs to utilize social media.

Features of TamTam

Create multiplayer or individual chats

In TamTam, users can do multi-person chats, create multi-person chat groups, and enjoy the same features of any individual chat inside this group. Users can initiate group videos or group voices in a multi-person group and can create a group for their friends to chat in from time to time. Alternatively, businesses can choose to conduct online meetings in this way.


In addition, TamTam also supports solo 1v1 chats, which are often made private and no one else will be able to know what’s going on without the user’s permission.

In addition to this, the app also sends the user’s real-time location, which can be used if you’re meeting up with a friend outside. A glance will let people know exactly where your exact location is and make it easier to come over and look for them.

Synchronize device data

TamTam supports users to synchronize their use on different devices and will synchronize their chats in TamTam to receive the same message notifications in real-time. So, users don’t have to worry about losing some important calls or messages on different devices.

Ensure user data security

The application will ensure that the user’s data is safe that no chats or calls will be leaked, as well as the user’s personally identifiable information will be well protected from malicious theft by unsuspecting people. Users can use this application to chat with friends or companies without any worries.


Download the TamTam App now!

The application is feature-rich and powerful, making it a good communication tool that users can’t afford to miss. Here you can do whatever you want with your friends without worrying about data security. You can have intense discussions with your company employees and discuss company plans together. What are you still hesitating about, hurry up to download and experience it!

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