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Travel Boast
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Traveling is about combining your preferences and actively exploring destinations not yet known to you for a more unique experience. Travel is a form of emotional consumption, and traveling away from one’s place of residence is increasingly becoming an important purpose for people to soothe their minds and regain their strength. Tourism empowers the mind and body with new abilities, perspectives and experiences.

Tourism is a comprehensive industry with a strong driving force. In the new era, tourism has become people’s way of learning, growing and living, and it is one of the most important channels to promote cultural protection, inheritance and dissemination.

With the development of the Internet, computer technology continues to mature, tourism websites have settled. Promote the vigorous development of tourism as an industry, travel network after these years of development has been as many as hair, the development of tourism websites are also becoming more mature.

This kind of website provides timely travel line offer, discount ticket information, practical travel advice, as well as detailed travel information. The information in the tourism industry will be integrated and classified, humanized opening of the travel line booking, discount tickets, visa services, air tickets and hotel reservations, travel insurance, travel bookstore, chartered car services, travelogue, travel blogs, and other aspects of the service!

Travel Boast

People do not go through the travel agency, completely by themselves to arrange their own travel itinerary, according to the individual wish to carry out activities in the form of tourism, such as backpacking. Characterized by freedom, flexibility, abundance and frugality. Many people think that self-help tourism is a kind of money-saving way of traveling, the tour content is rough, there may be a lot of dangers, hotels are not booked will have the feeling of insecurity, this is a kind of wrong understanding.

Introduction of Travel Boast

In fact, if you look deeper into the characteristics of self-help tourism, you will find that self-help tourism is a quite exquisite and distinctive form of tourism. Self-help tourism allows all expenses to be disposed of according to one’s own preferences, the itinerary can be flexibly adjusted, and one can gain an in-depth understanding of the local folk customs.

Self-help tourism is by no means a way to play more and spend less, but a way to spend more time in the same place to learn more about the characteristics of the place, to get in touch with local people and things, to see what you want to see, and to walk the way you want to walk.

No matter how you travel, it’s worth documenting.Travel Boast is an app for documenting your travels. It records your journey in detail and makes cute animated videos.

Travel Boast

Features of Travel Boast

Documenting the Journey

Travel Boast will help users to record every journey, users can mark their journey flight path map and also create beautiful videos for this. All these can be recorded during the journey. Users can record the best of their traveling life.

Special recording methods

Travel Boast is also very diverse in terms of the way it records, and in addition to the ability to create beautifully animated videos, as mentioned earlier, Travel Boast also offers a number of personalized miniatures. These villains are used to replace the user on the maps in Travel Boast.

The user can customize the appearance of the villain, and there is also a wide range of vehicles to choose from. These vehicles represent how the user spends his/her time on the road during the journey.

Connectivity to multiple platforms

Videos made from Travel Boast can be forwarded to any popular social media platform to share the user’s life on the road to everyone.

Travel Boast

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