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Common video editing applications enable you to add video clips to a project in a flexible way, such as by choosing to replace or insert video clips from the same pop-up menu, or by choosing to edit only the sound.

When editing a movie, you can also drag and drop markers into the video clips to remember the exact progress of the project or to make musical beats to match the movie. Once all the video files are in place, the Precision Editor feature can be used to handle the most complex video clips and transition effects.

This feature zooms in on the video clip to be edited shows exactly where one segment ends and the next begins, makes it easy to make fine cuts, scrutinizes each clip to determine what to keep and what to cut out, adjusts the duration of transitions, edits the sound and picture separately and individually, matches the sound of one clip to the picture of another, or rearranges the position of movie titles and special effects.

Video editing involves more than just cropping and adjusting video length. It also includes adding elements such as subtitles, music, and special effects to capture your attention and enhance your understanding and retention of the message.

Video is a powerful medium that uses both sight and sound to convey a message. Editing can capitalize on this advantage to make messages more engaging and impactful.


For instance, adding subtitles ensures that the message is understood even without sound. Music and special effects can enhance the emotional appeal of the video, making it easier for viewers to empathize with it.

Introduction of Venlow

Venlow is a video editing application that helps users to handle videos in a better way. If you are a blogger who likes to edit videos or needs to post videos regularly, then don’t miss Venlow.

Venlow can provide users with clear video quality in high resolution and is also able to scale the video size as much as they want, including each frame of the video can be edited individually.

Venlow will provide users with the most convenient video editing features, the simple and intuitive user interface makes it easy to see at a glance, clearly know where each function is located, and quickly start editing videos.

Features of Venlow

Demonstrate full-screen video effects

Venlow differs from other video editing apps in that it can adjust the scaling of the video to fit each device screen type. Such a feature is perfect for showing a slideshow.


With this feature of Venlow, users no longer have to worry about not being able to see the content of the video due to its small size when playing a slideshow. Even if the video is not played in a slideshow, Venlow can resize the video to fit the screen size of other devices.

HD video quality

The application will not damage the original video quality during the editing process and will ensure that the video quality remains the same. Even if the user adds many features while editing the video, after exporting the video, it will not change the original clear quality of the video.

Collaboration with WhatsApp

Venlow has partnered with popular social media WhatsApp to be able to create status videos directly on WhatsApp. This partnership feature is very easy to use, users just need to create a video status in this app, simply click on it, and then they can post their updates directly on WhatsApp.


Download the Venlow App now!

The application is feature-rich and powerful, especially very convenient, Let’s hurry up to download and experience!

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