• Version V1.10.3
  • Mod Features Unlimited Money/Unlocked items
  • Size 2.1G
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Descenders is a fast-paced bike speed extreme sports mobile game, according to the client platform, perfect restoration of the operation. Whether it’s the game screen, scene, or bike modeling, it’s all very delicate and exquisite, bringing players a sense of realism and an excellent racing experience. Ride your favorite bike to start the challenge!

What is Descenders?

Descenders is an extreme sports game with the theme of mountain biking. Although it is a mountain bike, you can experience the speed and passion no less than a motorcycle. Players need to ride their favorite bikes on all kinds of terrain fast. Descenders provide many randomly generated maps, a variety of real sense of control, but also the first perspective to all players to bring a more exciting track experience. The game also provides a variety of different maps and mission options, as well as rich props and an upgrade system. Give players the excitement and fun of extreme sports.


Main Features of Descenders

Diverse and Skillful Gameplay

In Descenders, players will ride their bikes through jungles, deserts, mountains, and other strange terrain to experience the fun of extreme descending. While descending at high speeds, players must master basic maneuvers such as turning sharply under pressure and braking to avoid obstacles on the road such as gravel, stakes, and trees, and arrive at the finish line safely.

There are many different ways to play the game. At the Normal level, players will race down a muddy trail. In the Trials, players can perform all kinds of fancy stunts with their mountain bikes. Each level has a set of randomized goals waiting for you, such as performing a certain number of stunts or completing the race in a set amount of time.

Randomized Delightful Tracks

The player’s tracks and reward goals are randomly generated for each playthrough. The game features different maps, each of which is set up with a skull-marked ultimate track, and players will choose their route to the final track. Each track consists of 3 attributes: curvature, slope, and stunt. When the player presses start, the terrain of each track starts to be randomly generated, which means that the three attributes of the track will be different every time, and there will always be a surprise waiting for you ahead!


Unlock More Fun with the Online Reputation System

After mastering the bike’s stunts, you can also perform various stunts such as front and back flips, hands off the handlebars, and other maneuvers during the ride to increase your reputation and get a higher ranking in the game. A comprehensive online reputation system allows you to show off your prowess and unlock new models and routes.

Players can also dress up their vehicles or characters in a variety of ways in the Carport section. However, more models and circuits still need to be unlocked by players through races and by completing actions to gain a reputation. Vehicles, helmets, goggles, sweatshirts, pants, handlebars, rear wheels, and hats can all be customized in the Carport.

Well-designed Graphics and Screen Effects

Descenders not only support players to show off their skills but also allow them to switch different perspectives to enjoy different gameplay. The game’s camera processing is excellent, the shaking of the screen complements the bumps of the descent, and the switching of several lenses doesn’t make it feel incompatible at all. The game highlights the excitement and tension of extreme sports in every aspect, and the vibration feedback is just perfect, allowing players to truly feel the ruggedness and danger of the mountains. Optimized high-resolution graphics provide players with realistic forests and the thrill of riding a sprint.


Download the Latest Descenders

Descenders, a very high-quality simulation of real-life mountain riding and descending game, brings players the most realistic mountain sprinting gameplay. During the game, players can choose different sprinting and landing methods according to their own needs, providing users with the best gaming experience. Super 3D modeling and collision processing to create the most realistic extreme bike off-road gameplay. Can you keep from falling all the time and finish the mountain bike speed drop with the fastest speed? Download Descenders to give it a try!

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