Head Basketball
Head Basketball
  • Version V4.1.1
  • Mod Features Unlimited Money/Unlocked
  • Size 410 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Head Basketball is a passionate and challenging sports mobile game with a basketball theme. The whole game portrays a very 3D image to us, so that players can use their special abilities to constantly train basketball players, and will eventually become the most professional basketball players, who can be especially confident when facing different competitors!

What is Head Basketball?

Head Basketball is a basketball-themed sports competition game. Head Basketball adopts a very special abstract style in its graphics, turning the characters into head-only shapes to emphasize the expression of the characters’ five senses in the game.

In addition, each character in the Head Basketball has a different appearance, but also different special abilities in the battle. In particular, each character in the game has a special attack ability, and when full of energy, it can open the ultimate skill, this gorgeous transformation is very cool, and sometimes it can even reverse the victory or defeat of the game.

Head Basketball

Main Features of Head Basketball

Simple and Special Gameplay

Players have to control a big-headed protagonist who only has a head, hands and feet to play basketball, and the goal of playing basketball is not just to shoot the ball into the box. Even if you just dislike the person on the opposite side, you can first knock the opponent out and then throw the ball any way you want.

At the same time, the game is relatively simple in operation, players can tap the button in the lower left corner of the screen to control the left and right movement, and the lower right corner of the jump, attack buttons can control the process of the game. In Head Basketball, you need to let those big-headed characters to make the action is basically only left and right movement, jumping, swinging, stunts, it is still relatively easy to get started.

Head Basketball

12 Personalized Characters

Head Basketball features 12 different characters from different countries or regions, and their stunts vary according to their country and region, such as the American player who specializes in violent dunks and the Japanese player who can hit split shots. The various stunts need to be explored one by one, but also to master the firing time of each of them, to find the right time to make a big move in order to achieve the best effect, which is a great test of the player’s control skills and reflexes.

7 Different Modes

Players can gain experience in 7 different game modes including Arcade, Campaign, Tournament, Head Cup, Survival, League, and Death. In Head Cup, players can choose between two teams to practice against each other, while in Tournament, the rules of the tournament will prevail, and elimination matches will be held to compete for the final championship honor.

Another highlight of the game is the ability to match up with friends around you for a real battle. Head Basketball offers a variety of modes that allow players to easily and freely choose the process they want to experience, making the challenge of the game less lonely. Players can experience the charm of basketball with their friends and play an exciting basketball game!

Head Basketball

Download the Latest Head Basketball

Head Basketball is a very fun basketball mobile game with cartoon graphics, where players are able to become basketball players with special abilities. Use your ability to challenge opponents with more different abilities. The game has very delicate graphics and cute characters who are very passionate about basketball. Develop your character in your own unique way to become the strongest basketball player! Come and play an intense basketball game with players from all over the world! Players who like basketball elements should definitely download the game and try it out!

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