My Perfect Hotel
My Perfect Hotel
  • Version V1.8.0
  • Mod Features Unlimited Money
  • Size 120MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

The management level of the hotel is generally in the form of a pyramid, from the bottom to the top of the tower, from wide to narrow. The range of management, on the other hand, is the higher up the hierarchy, the more difficult it is to manage, and the lower down the hierarchy, the smaller the range of management.

The more common hotel management is straight-line functional management, in which any level of leadership, management personnel, and attendants should be clear about their business scope, job responsibilities, and the work skills and knowledge they should have.

The department manager is mainly responsible for the division of labor, leadership, command, and supervision of the department staff. At the same time, but also responsible for the development of the department’s work plan, reporting to the next level of the department’s work, to determining the department’s business policy and service standards, to maximize economic efficiency.

A department manager should not only have the ability to organize and manage, management ability, training ability, and familiarity with the department’s service standards, and service procedures, but also have practical work experience and certain service skills. The department manager is responsible to the general manager.

My Perfect Hotel

Managers should have a healthy body, good work ethic, a good psychological quality, the hotel industry has long working hours and, a work pressure occupation.

Managers should first have the ability to identify problems, to identify problems to have standards and norms, the standards and norms are not personal subjective assumptions out of the car, not behind closed doors, more than the previous experience of copying, but the hotel’s operating norms and standard procedures.

What is My Perfect Hotel?

My Perfect Hotel is a hotel game where the player takes on the role of the owner who manages the hotel. All aspects of the hotel, whether it is well-run or not, are managed by the player.

The gameplay of My Perfect Hotel is very rich as the player needs to take care of all aspects of the hotel, recruiting staff, buying supplies, adding decorations, etc. To leave a good impression on the customers, the player needs to think strategically about the management of the hotel.

My Perfect Hotel

Main Features of My Perfect Hotel

Explore strategically

In My Perfect Hotel, players are provided with multiple areas to establish hotels, such as a seaside resort, a paradise in the forest, a mountain resort, and more. If you are about to develop hotels in so many areas, then make sure to think strategically to open multiple hotels with equal success.

Customize the addition of hotel equipment

As we know, the most crucial thing for a hotel is its decoration and service. In My Perfect Hotel, players need to earn some money to upgrade the decoration by serving the customers well.

Of course, players can also build their hotels by purchasing equipment for decoration. However, in this unlimited gems and coins version, all the equipment in My Perfect Hotel can be obtained for free.

In the aspect of hotel decoration, players need to consider what kind of hotel style they want to create so that they can then look for the corresponding style in My Perfect Hotel’s decoration library. By harmonizing your hotel style with the surrounding environment, you may be able to attract customers better.

My Perfect Hotel

Full management of the hotel

In My Perfect Hotel, players need to run and manage their hotel comprehensively and make sure that their customers are satisfied. This will make your hotel better and better.

Download the Latest Version of My Perfect Hotel

My Perfect Hotel offers a wide variety of gameplay and exercises strategic thinking, so download and experience it now!

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