Neural Cloud
Neural Cloud
  • Version V1.5.0
  • Mod Features Unlocked/Damage
  • Size 157M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Neural Cloud is an engaging and original game with strategic gameplay that brings players into the world of multi-character card battles. Featuring Japanese-style graphics and randomized levels. Players can experience a variety of gameplay and challenges and collect beautiful girl characters to participate in battles. Face the great crisis that threatens all mankind and defeat the enemies together with your companions!

What is Neural Cloud?

Neural Cloud is the story of a girl warrior fighting to save the world. The game features a wide range of heroes with different attributes to choose from as well as a variety of strategic lineups to work together for peace. In addition, the game’s hot-blooded combat gameplay coupled with the hidden plot story has a strong sense of immersion to bring you into the game’s role quickly. Neural Cloud also incorporates Roguelike elements, allowing you to quickly improve your character’s combat abilities and save the world without a hitch.

Neural Cloud

Main Features of Neural Cloud

Rich Gameplay and Challenges

In Neural Cloud, players can experience different ways of adventuring, such as puzzle solving, combat, and exploration, as well as multiplayer real-time team adventures. Each play style brings unique fun and challenges. Character skills are diverse and there are many buffs to choose from. Players can talk to their companions to learn about their past. With the exciting main storyline, and the challenging high difficulty strategy levels. You will win the victory with them.

Rewarding Tasks

Randomized level design makes every game full of surprises and challenges. Players need to complete the challenges of each level according to their strategies and skills to keep the game fresh and playable. There are abundant quests in each level. Players can get rare props and rich rewards by completing the missions. Rich and varied PK modes allow you to play freely, only with powerful abilities and various intelligent tactical combinations can you achieve victory and get rewards.

Neural Cloud

Diverse and Adorable Characters

Each character in Neural Cloud is beautifully styled. Players can complete missions and challenges to unlock more characters. There are many types of characters in the game, including cute girls, cool queens, and adorable animals to meet different players’ preferences. Each character has its own unique costumes and accessories that players can freely dress up and match.

Develop Powerful Heroes to Build a Professional Team

Each character has unique training routes and abilities. Players can choose and train their battle lineups according to their preferences and strategies. Recruit and collect beautiful heroes as battle partners. The game has a character training mode, which allows you to increase the level and skills of your characters to bring out their maximum strength to fight and make your team stronger. Utilize the special skills and attributes of each character to form the strongest lineup.

Neural Cloud

Well-designed Graphics and Sound

Japanese anime-style graphics and music add a unique atmosphere to Neural Cloud. Players can immerse themselves in the exquisite game world and feel the charm of the 2-D world. The battle scenes are exquisite and delicate, and the background music is matched appropriately, allowing players to experience the hot-blooded battles in the animated world. The game adopts the new U3D virtual engine, and the lovely cartoon screen style and character modeling are exquisite and delicate, creating a world full of future technology for players!

Download the Latest Neural Cloud

Neural Cloud is a cartoon-style RPG battle game. The game embodies the essence of roguelike gameplay in a new combat mode. The game characters will face the unprecedented survival challenges of human beings, you will become the leader of the exiles, leading your teammates to explore and defeat the enemies in the dangerous environment. Here you can also go to start a different kind of war. Players can go to challenge various modes suitable for their own, more gameplay will also be incredibly passionate. It’s just waiting for you to download and experience it!

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