Wrestling Empire
Wrestling Empire
  • Version V1.6.1
  • Mod Features Pro Unlocked
  • Size 163 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Wrestling Empire is an exciting and fun fighting game, where players will have a real wrestling experience, with passionate and exciting ring matches, and real striking sensations, so that those who like to fight can experience the feeling of fist-to-flesh.

What is Wrestling Empire?

Wrestling Empire is an action game based on the rules of American wrestling, which is another action fighting game produced by MDickie after the funny American wrestling game Wrestling Revolution. The game has rich game modes, customizable characters, rich technique system and other elements. The game will reproduce famous wrestlers from all over the world, and players can choose their favorite characters to participate in the matches, which realistically reproduces the feeling of action and all kinds of wrestling skills.

Wrestling Empire

Main features of Wrestling Empire

Enjoyable Gameplay

Wrestling Empire is a game about fighting action, in which you will have to face wrestlers from all over the world and you will have to give your best to defeat them. Attack again and again, attack by controlling the virtual buttons and remember to dodge your opponent’s attacks. Participate in match after match, defeat them to win and finally become the overall champion.

In the game, the player controls the character to launch an attack, hitting precisely with punches and kicks over and over again, as well as striking quickly at the opponent’s weak points. Players can always enjoy the striking experience brought by action fighting, and win with skills that don’t require much effort, as long as the task of defeating the opponent is completed. Winning is just so easy, come and participate in the real battle duel.

Wrestling Empire

Massive Characters

The game now features 350 different wrestlers, as well as more customized fictional wrestlers. The game offers up to dozens of wrestlers to choose from, each with unique skills and attributes that add to the playability of the game. Players can customize their character’s appearance, equipment and skills to create a unique wrestling star. More characters can also be unlocked continuously, and the higher the character level, the better the wrestling and athletic ability.

Accomplished Challenges

Wrestling Empire features multiple levels and challenge modes where players need to constantly upgrade their skills and equipment to defeat powerful opponents. In addition to the traditional 1V1 match mode, the game also offers multiple modes such as multiplayer melee and team matches, which add to the fun of the game. The gameplay includes training mode and real battle mode. Players can go to the training mode first to get used to the game.

Players can show their wrestling skills and strength through combos, skills and defense maneuvers. It immerses you in the passion and challenges of the wrestling world. The game is set up with a rich achievement system, players can get rewards and honors by completing various challenges and tasks.

Wrestling Empire

Full of details

The game’s wrestling scenes and movements are very realistic and players can feel an immersive match experience. The game’s physics engine is also very realistic, with the player’s movements and their opponent’s reactions being affected by the rules of physics. The lightweight mobile wrestling championship returns with higher resolution visuals and smoother frame rates, while still retaining a retro style. The game also features an extensive storyline mode that allows players to follow the story line and gain insight into the wrestler’s career and challenges.

Download the Latest Version

Wrestling Empire is a blood-pumping, competitive fighting game. Players take on the role of a professional wrestler and compete in intense matches for the title. The game is full of exciting battles and many competitive challenges, so you can freely go on an adventure and feel the joy of the game. Download the game to play experience, you can also become the strongest wrestler.

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