Introduction of Zinitevi

A Smart TV is a TV set based on a traditional TV combined with Internet technology. Smart TVs can execute a complete operating system and contain a software platform on which application developers can develop their own software to run, and on which they can realize a variety of multimedia functions. Currently, Smart TVs are mostly equipped with Android system. Smart TV is the integration of traditional flat-panel TVs, computers, and set-top boxes. In addition, the functions that traditional TVs and set-top boxes can provide through traditional TV networks can also be provided by Smart TVs through the Internet.

Smart TV is a TV set that collects Internet functions or set-top box functions, which can provide more powerful computing power and rich resources than traditional TV. Because a Smart TV is equivalent to having a computer built into a traditional TV set, it can install and run more powerful applications under a specified operating system platform. Smart TVs run complete operating system software, providing a platform for app developers.

In Smart TVs, the operating system and some application software are pre-installed. These software can be updated and new apps are available through the official Smart TV channels, app store channels and other third-party channels, which is somewhat similar to smartphones nowadays.


Thus, people are now in possession of an easier way to watch TV programs. Zinitevi is an application that allows you to watch movies and TV on your phone or other mobile devices. Zinitevi is an application that allows you to watch movies and TV on your mobile phone or other mobile device. There are many features included in it, which will be described in the next section.


high definition picture quality

With Zinitevi, users can experience TV movies in 720p or 1080p HD quality. In addition, you can also see the latest TV movies that have been updated and released. In this application, all the categories of TV movies are categorized and users can search for the type of TV movies they want to watch based on some keywords. For example, Action, Drama, Romance, Drama, Crime, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Anime and Horror.

Users can download the TV movies they want to watch in Zinitevi to their devices for free and then watch them offline when there is no internet, which is a very convenient feature. Moreover, the application is highly compatible and works on Android phones, Xbox, MiBox, Roku, AirPlay, MacBooks, laptops and PCs.


Automatic recommendations based on preferences

It’s worth mentioning that Zinitevi also pushes you a series of related TV movies based on the keywords you search for in your preferences. They may not be the same movie, but they may be made by the same director, or they may be different movies with the same actors.

Users can add all their favorite works to their favorites, and, if they don’t have time to watch the video at that time, then they can add it to their favorites first and then open it to watch it when they have time. Also, if your favorite TV is a serial, then the app will send you real-time notifications when it comes up with a sequel or a new season.

In addition, Zinitevi will update its homepage with a list of recommendations created according to your preferences, which will be updated every day, so that every time you open the application, you will see a different and fresh episode.


Support for multiple languages

Last but not least, the application supports multiple languages and translates subtitles into 15 different languages. So, the application has a global reach and a large user base, so you don’t have to worry about its specialization.

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