Zooba is a very interesting game, in which you as an animal to participate in the big fight and competition and then finally survive, the feeling of fighting each other is very interesting and exciting, there are a lot of recreational activities and puzzles recreational gameplay, in which you can also meet other friends, welcome to download!

Introduction to Zooba

Zooba is a competitive multiplayer game with a unique Battle Royale style of gameplay. Players can choose the one they are good at and like from a variety of animals with different specialties, find guns on the battlefield, and then shoot the opponents to participate in the exciting battlefield, and only the one who survives to the end can become the animal king.

This game is based on the theme of animals, so that players can choose to play a variety of cute animal characters and engage in exciting survival competitions.

Animal game using cute cartoon graphics, with a large number of weapons and equipment, and constantly collect a variety of weapons and resources, happy to compete in the challenge, to start a fierce adventure challenge, interesting and imaginative animals to bring you a different gaming experience.



Features of Zooba


In the game, players need to start fierce battles with other players, through constantly running, jumping and fighting, to get the chance of survival and victory. However, players need to be aware that in Battle Royale, they need to be very careful in order to avoid getting caught by the guards or by the fire in the arena.

On top of that, players must find the best hiding spots where they can eliminate one enemy at a time. By the time the safe zone is completely reduced, the player will have to be in the best position to complete all weapon shots. The weapons that can be used are now fixed to three, spears and bombs, to ensure that we go fast, and the supplies are available to replenish blood and increase armour values, without too complicated settings.

Players can also purchase Battle Passes for exclusive content and daily prizes to upgrade their characters and unlock dozens of items to suit their style of play. In addition, the game is more characteristic of the map design, each area will have special characteristics, such as the ice field can slide, the grass to go in and stealth, if the use of these special terrain, but also a must for us to achieve victory.

Overall, the idea of the animal king game is very good, the use of animal differences, made the battle royale game, not only interesting, but also very challenging, for players who like to win with the weak, is definitely a new experience.


Animal Settings

Zooba is a battle royale type game, players will play an animal in the game with other players to kill, each animal has a special way of attack and passive, such as: orangutan’s pounce, bird’s slide, giraffe’s high vision and so on, these unique ways to make the game and other battle royale games, there is a distinction, no longer looking for equipment, shooting.

Players more also have to use the animals themselves to their advantage to surround themselves with enemies, this is the most interesting part of the game, and also the most special, to overturn the previous reputation of the animal world in a small way. Players can choose from 33 animal characters, including an angry gorilla, a sneaky chameleon, a raging shark, and more. Each character has different strengths, weaknesses and special abilities.


Game Mode

Players will fight against guards and up to 45 other players in a battle royal style player arena, where players can collect a variety of weapons to become stronger and defeat their opponents to get the best score and become the King of the Zoo.

Moreover, players can play with friends in the multiplayer mode or join clans and meet other great players in the game. Multiple players battle online at the same time, clashing skills and schemes, trying to be the last survivor and completing quests to unlock all the character images. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a battle fanatic, Zooba offers a free multiplayer shooting experience.


The game has beautiful graphics and realistic sound effects to give players a realistic combat experience. There are a variety of very good-looking designs to collect, as well as an atlas of various wilderness animal species for you to fully enjoy your collection. Picture and action are very distinctive, every time into the battlefield is a new start. Beautiful cartoon style game graphics, with some funny elements, so that your game experience more immersive and full of fun.


Download Zooba MOD & APK for Android

Zooba is a simple and fun casual exciting game, to experience when a variety of fun animal characters, casual puzzle game style, a variety of game scene design, casual and entertaining background music, to start a hot blooded war journey, to experience this fun game, if you like this game, just download and have fun!

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